NOTE: Effective September 21, 2016, our daycare is operating at capacity. We are accepting a limited number of new stay and train clients only.  If you are an existing daycare client and would like to add an additional date, please contact us by phone to discuss.  If you are a new client, we highly recommend Whiskers Resort and Pet Spa.  Please call us at (616) 264-2532 if you have any questions or special circumstances to discuss.

Our doggy daycare is staffed only by professional trainers, offering the same great service you’ve grown to expect from A Pleasant Dog. We offer group play time and field trips to to Shaggy Pines dog park (one of the top ten dog parks in North America)for our social dog friends, agility play in our yard, walks with Nature of the Dog, and fun snuggle time on or next to our vintage couch with our staff. We will also offer a Stay  and Train option for doggy daycare clients who wish to have a professional trainer work on behavioral modification while pups stay with us!

*The nitty gritty: we reserve the right to charge $20 for cancellations without 24 hour notice or for no-shows. In the event a dog in our care demonstrates a risk to the safety of our trainers or the other dogs in our care, we reserve the right to send him or her home; or to charge an additional $42 per day for training to resolve any behavioral issues.

  • We offer a variety of services for our daycare clients, please let us know what you need!
    We sometimes take dogs out to Shaggy Pines for a romp, Nature of the Dog for a romp, or other places for socialization and exercise purposes. Please confirm you're okay with this!
    I understand that working with dogs may entail certain risks of personal injury to myself or my dog(s). I hereby acknowledge my voluntary and informed assumption of full responsibility and liability regarding any injuries that I or my dog may incur coincident to my participation with A Pleasant Dog. I hereby assume any and all risks associated therewith and expressly waive, release, discharge and hold harmless A Pleasant Dog, its members, agents, employees and assigns from and against any and all liability for loss, damage, injury, illness or claim of any nature whatsoever, however caused, arising out of, in association with, or related in any way to my involvement with its services.