A Pleasant Dog

A Pleasant Dog offers gentle, modern dog training in keeping with the advice of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. Our methods are scientifically proven to provide better, more reliable results without the use of force or violence. We teach your dogs the behavior we want to see from them instead of quashing the behavior we don’t want using marker training, positive reinforcement, operant conditioning and counter-conditioning.

A Pleasant Dog


You catch more flies and dogs with honey. No raising your voice, pain, or punishment in anyway.

A Pleasant Dog


Our philosophy is based on mutual respect between dogs and people. It’s fun. It feels right. It works.

A Pleasant Dog

Scientifically Proven

The science of positive reinforcement, operant conditioning, classical conditioning, desensitization, and counter conditioning work.

“Jenn’s love of dogs is SO apparent!  She does great things with dogs – I have known her for 15 years bring my own dogs to her.  She is very professional and very tender with all dogs and has great insight.  I consider it a privilege to have her as a friend and a client all these years.”

Gay Gira-Lathrop, D.V.M.

“Rescued from an unknown setting, Millie entered our lives scared of most everything.  We found quickly that everyone has an opinion when you have a dog that has behavior issues.  We had more than one dog professional tell us that Millie was damaged and not to expect much progress.  At about a year old, this news seemed disheartening to say the least.  We contacted the good folks at A Pleasant Dog to help us with Millie’s behavior.  What Jenn and her team provided, in addition to hope, was a competent methodology for us, Millie’s people.  Most of a dog’s success depends upon the people training – the owner’s ability to offer appropriate, consistent, positive reinforcement.  A Pleasant Dog provides us with the tools needed to read Millie’s cues, address fears, and develop new skills.  Helping Millie become ‘thoroughly modern’ is a daily practice, and thanks to A Pleasant Dog, we see continued growth in Millie’s behavior.”

Heather Humm & Megan Oswalt

“Jenn took what felt like a household of chaos and gave us rhyme and reason.  She truly is a dog whisperer.”

Conrad Venema

“As first time pet owners we knew that Mocha and we needed training, so we signed up for puppy class in one of those large pet stores.  After the second class, we knew it was not the kind of training we wanted for her and for us, and that is when we were referred to Jenn at A Pleasant Dog. Since day one, we felt so comfortable with her techniques, the way she was handling Mocha, and teaching us what to do or not to do in different situations.  We were so impressed by Jenn’s commitment that we decided to continue with her and her staff for different trainings like Puppy 101, Puppy 102, AKC Canine Good Citizen CGC® , Intermediate Agility, Introduction to Sports, and Trick Class.

Now we enjoy our time with Mocha when we are at home, the dog park, walking her, and at pet friendly stores.  We are always looking for new classes that Jenn offers throughout the year! Thank you so much Jenn for all your help and specially for making Mocha such A Pleasant Dog.”

Alejandro Ramirez & Carmen del Castillo

“We contacted Jenn for help after adopting a reactive dog.  We began working on skills Jenn taught us after our first meeting and enrolled him in the Reactive Dog Class.  After only a few weeks, we saw dramatic changes. We never thought we could both be so confident around other dogs and in new situations.  We remember telling Jenn that going to see the veterinarian was a dreadful experience.  Utilizing the skills that Jenn fostered in us, we no longer feel that way.  We look forward to opportunities to practice our dog’s skills and those skills have opened up many more opportunities to enrich our lives.  Thank you so much for all of your help with our dog.  There is no way to express how much gratitude we have for the skill, patience, and care that A Pleasant Dog gives dogs and their humans.”

Lindsey Nicholson

“I have been involved with a variety of animal rescue organizations in Grand Rapids (Humane Society of West MI, Vicky’s Pet Connection, Kent County Animal Shelter and the Bissell Blocktail Party) for almost a decade and reached out to Jenn on many occasions for behavior assessment and assistance with training.  Her problem solving and diagnostic skills have always been spot on and her follow through and implementation of the training has a reward to watch.  I would highly recommend Jenn to anyone looking for behavior assessment and/or a trainer.”

Samantha Searl

“Jenn has played an integral role in helping me transition to life with a rescued border collie. She is passionate about dogs and approaches all aspects of human-canine relationships with positivity. She helped me to set myself up for success by identifying incremental goals and building upon past progress. Jenn helped me to avoid frustration by keeping my expectations for the dog’s behavior in line with the dog’s development and training levels. She was eager to work with my partner and myself so that we could be consistent with our dog as a couple. Jenn provided me lots of ideas for resources to use when we were not able to work together in person, and she always had a key suggestion and some words of kindness when I thought I was ready to give up. Jenn is capable of seeing the potential in every dog and—perhaps more importantly—in every dog owner. We recommend her to anyone who wants a strong relationship with a happy, well-adjusted dog.”

David Bleckley

“Frankly, the dog psyche makes no sense to me.  With Jenn’s coaching I learned to read my dog’s cues and anticipate her behaviors so that we have fewer problems.  I still can’t claim to understand what my dog is thinking but I can gauge her needs using the skills Jenn shared with me.”

Delia Venema

Your urban dog can also be A Pleasant Dog. We offer private in-home behavioral evaluations and training or group classes for your and your dog(s).